Is it bad to run an outboard engine at full throttle

  • Apr 29, 2010 · Got my outboard motor serviced the other day. Got a new water pump, LU oil and spark plugs. Mechanic said everything else checked out ok. Took it out Friday, ran fine at first for 15 or 20 minutes then dropped from 4300rpm down to 3000 to 3500 and wouldn't go any higher at WOT.
The throttle works as a bottleneck, effectively working as an upper boundary for how many requests will be sent. If your scenarios + injection profiles aren't able to generate as many requests as you would like in the first place, the ones that are generated simply pass through the throttle unhindered.

You may notice a knocking or rattling noise from your engine or a sudden loss of power under full throttle. Immediately back off the throttle and only use low rpm engine speeds until you can get the engine investigated. The chances are that you are suffering from a condition known as "engine knock".

Apr 21, 2017 · Thus you need only let the engine idle long enough to fully circulate the oil 30 seconds is plenty. But don’t immediately put the pedal to the metal. A few minutes of idle speed will warm the oil so it flows better. When shutting down, it’s a good idea to goose the throttle once or twice before turning off the engine.
  • I have a 2006 Yamaha 50hp tiller that starts right up and runs great but when I twist the throttle to go, the motor bogs. I cleaned the carbs (weren't really that bad) and re-set, just replaced the fuel/water separator filter and it still does the same th
  • The Outboard-Wizard is back! (April 2018): Ready to assist public with free technical help on all outboard engines. Ralph, aka "The Outboard Wizard", owner of Lindenhurst Outboard Service Inc. is a certified OMC/BRP Evinrude service (warranty+repair) station since 1979.
  • Jan 12, 2016 · The throttle position sensor (TPS) is part of your vehicle's fuel management system and helps ensure that the correct mixture of air and fuel is delivered to your engine. The TPS provides the most direct signal to the fuel injection system of what power demands are being made by the engine.

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    Outboard Rough Idle

    Contact your local Suzuki marine dealer for questions concerning service, parts, accessories, or the need for a new Suzuki outboard motor. Please note, Suzuki marine dealers are independently owned and operated businesses, and may be subject to local directives.

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    Traditional motor designs use a fixed air-fuel mixture that does ok at low and high speeds, but not in the mid-range. Honda added an Oxygen Sensor, which monitors the air/fuel ratio and automatically adjusts it as needed. At cruising speed, Honda engines run on up to 20% less fuel than other comparably sized outboards. The result?

    Jan 19, 2019 · The solenoid is designed to open the carburetor throttle plates when the engine is running and shut the plates when the ignition key is turned off. Some anti-dieseling solenoids come with a screw adjustment. You may try adjusting and/or testing the solenoid. To test the solenoid, you'll need a digital multimeter or jumper wires.

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    Aug 04, 2015 · Bought a 1999 Lowe 16 fishing boat from a guy on Craigslist on Sunday. Came with the original 1999 Johnson 50 HP, electric start/trim, remote throttle/steering. Took it out Sunday afternoon, worked great for about half an hour. Went blasting upwind planing and going 25-27 mph according to the spe...

    I’ll try explain the problem a little better. The engine idles and starts up fine. When running it is still fine at low, medium, and even 3/4 throttle. Once the boat gets going and flats out from the tipping, and you knock it into full throttle it will still run fine. But every couple of seconds at full throttle it will have multiple jerks ...

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    The cylinder head and around block/cylinder passages will be caked up bad/ clogged with salt. The head has to come off... You'll be surprised how much salt is in there and it still ran that good. Once all that's scrapped out, she'll run full throttle all day long. Might want to check / replace anodes while your there...

    It accepts a throttle input, allowing the output of the engine to be controlled. It is often the first component placed on any design after basic blocks. In Advanced Mode , it is commonly paired with a Wiki/Guides/Gearbox and clutch to provide a full drivetrain. It is possible for the engine to overheat...

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    It usually takes around 18 minutes or so. I was curious about how the motor could handle that WOT at a sustained amount of time, so I called the Yamaha Marine corporation where they build them here in Kennesaw, Ga. And asked a technician how long it would be safe to run the outboard at full throttle and was surprised by his answer.

    If an engine is hard to start, barely idles, coughs, bogs, sputters or stumbles every time the throttle opens, gets horrible fuel economy, spews black carbon from the tailpipe or never seems to run very well, chances are the carburetor needs to be tuned.

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    Jun 12, 2016 · If I give it a little more throttle no problem. It runs great in all other situations. I was wondering if I can adjust the star wheel where throttle cable connects to lever that runs the position on the cam for the carbs to give it a higher spot on the cam for more RPMs. The RPMs drop down to low when put into gear.

    Evinrude 225 HP outboard 1989 Not rated yet engine at full throttle varies from 4200 rpm to 5500 rpm with no movement of the throttle. This just started to occur on our last outing. It runs mostly …

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    Top speed was 6 MPH with about 600 lb in the boat (two fat men and some gear). A bit slower in rougher water. One tank of gas lasted an hour if running full throttle. The box the motor arrived in was a little beat-up and had oil all over the inside.

    ENGINE GUARDIAN SYSTEM. The Engine Guardian System monitors the critical sensors on the engine for any early indications of problems. The system will respond to a problem by emitting a continuous beep and/or reducing engine power in order to provide engine protection. If Guardian System has been activated, reduce throttle speed.

Fill an empty soda bottle with water. Remove your air cleaner. Start your engine. While using one hand to control the throttle, trickle the water into the carb or throttle body with the other while holding your thumb over the bottle opening. Keep the engine rpm's up so that the engine doesn't die. Make sure that you don't pour the water in too ...
Throttle Bracket, Clip and Quick Connect Ball Joint; Corrosion Resistant Black Urethane Paint; All Pulleys, Hoses and Belts MEFI 6 ECM Features: • Improved throttle and governor controls to enhance engine capability • Refined cruise governor controls capable of accepting multiple speed signal inputs.
Nov 14, 2016 · Start the engine and run for 5 minutes to burn off the dissolved hydrocarbon residues. After running, shut off the engine and reconnect your main fuel line – all done! Pour the remaining can mixture in the tank or use for other engines. 1 pint of Sea Foam mixed with 2 pints of fuel will treat several outboards.
If linkage is correct on you motor so VERY overproped as your motor MUST run at 5500rpm or close at wide open throttle "full throttle", so your motor must have "small pitch and or diameter" proppeller as you can damage the motor on your´re not getting the best of it. on 1st video motor sound noisy to me...